We enjoy taking pictures! Because we enjoy taking pictures we capture a result that freezes time in a picture for you to keep and share with others for generations to come.

Photography is an important part of our lives.  We have all looked through photo albums of family and friends and reminisced of times gone by.  Pictures are a major part of keeping history alive.

Studio Balke wants to help document your story.  Maybe you want a family picture to display in your living room? We can take a family photo in front of your fireplace or go outside for a more natural look. We can most certainly work with you to get the best image for you and your family.

Maybe you’re a barrel rider who wants to add more photos to your riding story. Each race is a chapter. Oh, the exciting stories to be told and the pictures to assist in the story coming alive.

Some of Studio Balke’s regular clients are:

  •  Rockin Horse Ranch – Rodeo, Group
  •  The Grand Lodge of New Mexico – Event, Portrait, Groups

However you want to tell your story, Studio Balke would like to help by taking the best images possible to bring your story to life.

We look forward to working with you.