RHR Race for the Trailer


Welcome to the Rockin Horse Ranch Race for the Trailer Gallery.

Over 200 barrel racers attended the three-day event for fastest time and incredible prizes including a trailer.  All riders were exceptional showing their skills and determination. Studio Balke has an advantage of seeing up close the riders skill through the camera. We took over 10,000 images over three days to freeze each rider going around each barrel. We have these images for you to see.

We are a big supporter of Rockin Horse Ranch! The Wright family works hard to bring events such as this one to the East Mountain and make these events a fun family experience! With the growing amount of riders that now attend Rockin Horse Ranch, we are working to streamline our process to make these available faster. With a new server and website, we believe that our work and your patience will allow for faster and more scalable service to you from now on.

We look forward to seeing you again next month for the FALL SERIES BARREL RACE on October 13th and 14! Until then, please browse the gallery and if you have any questions let us know.


We present to you your images.

Friday Pictures

Saturday Pictures

Sunday Pictures

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